The 40th Annual Spiral Dance intention is currently being collaboratively created by our community. It will be posted when available.

For 40 years, the Witches of Bay Area Reclaiming have danced the spiral of rebirth at Samhain, Halloween. Join us as we celebrate four decades of magic, activism and healing.  The veil is thin -- we mourn our beloved dead and energize the forces of renewal.

Our magical intention for this year’s ritual is: “To reclaim the golden thread of magic that spans time, and draw from the lessons of the past to weave a just and vibrant future.”

We welcome all ages, all genders, people of diverse physical abilities, people of color, LGBTQ+ folk, Witches, Pagans, non-Pagans, activists, seekers, and the respectfully curious.

Our rituals are drug-and-alcohol-free -- and nonetheless ecstatic!  Help us keep the space accessible by avoiding scented products.

Let it begin now!  

Doors Open at 6 for Altar Viewing & Reading the Names of The Beloved Dead. Ritual Begins at 7.