Ticket Information

 photo by Michael Rauner

photo by Michael Rauner


We strongly recommend Purchasing Tickets in advance. You can do that by clicking HERE to go to our Brown Paper Tickets site.

At the same time of year some are celebrating Dia de los Muertos, All Souls' Day or Halloween, in our tradition we celebrate Samhain. This is the time we gather to remember and honor our ancestors, beloved dead, and those who have touched our lives.

We honor the sacred cycle of life, death, rebirth and regeneration.  Some call this holiday the Witches' New Year as we take this opportunity to envision what we want to bring into being in the coming year. Together we will dance in a Spiral to renew our dreams and create the future. People from all walks of life join this participatory ritual with music, dancing, poetry and magic. There are beautiful altars for spectating and opportunities to connect with others throughout the evening. Please bring your open heart and imagination.

Spiral Dance tickets will also be sold at the door from 6pm to 7pm the day of the event. If you have questions about tickets and cannot find the answer to those questions on our website, please email

No one turned away for lack of funds. Please give generously and note that there are no refunds, as this is a fundraiser for the many projects Reclaiming is committed to for the year.


The Spiral Dance acts as Bay Area Reclaiming's largest fundraiser for the year and supports many of our other yearly offerings including family camps, courses, rituals and recordings. 

The cost of the Dance has rapidly escalated the past few years as corporate events contribute to spiked venue prices. It takes close to $20,000 just to cover our basic Spiral Dance expenses and that's with volunteers still paying for tickets and with organizers paid nothing for their time. After thousands of volunteer hours in 2017, the income from the Dance was only $2,700 which was not even enough for the down-payment of this year's venue. 

Our donation suggestion humbly reflects this reality. As many of you know, inclusion is one of Reclaiming's basic tenets when organizing public events and we are dedicated to welcoming anyone who feels drawn to be part of any of our yearly gatherings. We mean it when we say, No One Turned Away For Lack of Funds. That said, we really need for as many people as possible to donate at or very much above our minimum suggested donation, please. This will ensure that people who cannot donate or who can donate less than what is suggested will always feel welcome at any of our events.

 Also, looking ahead to next year, we are so excited about the 40th anniversary and we are hoping to secure a venue that will cater to our visions and the potential for a very large turnout. This will, inevitably, cost a lot more. Money raised in excess of Spiral Dance expenses serves all of Bay Area's Reclaiming Community or endeavors closely aligned with Reclaiming values. To be transparent, here are the organizing group's  expenses as of August 2018. As we come closer to the ritual, we will have more expenses.