Program Ads

Program Ads


dear friends of the Reclaiming Spiral dance…

For 40 years, the Witches of Bay Area Reclaiming have danced the spiral of rebirth at Samhain, Halloween. Join us as we celebrate four decades of magic, activism and healing. The veil is thin -- we mourn our beloved dead and energize the forces of renewal.

The 40th annual Reclaiming Spiral Dance will be Saturday, October 26, 2019, in Richmond, California at the Craneway Pavilion.

We are also producing a program to give out at the ritual, and this message is to invite, even encourage, you and your coven to take out an "ad" in it. It will be lovely, even in black and white. It will have a message from Starhawk, names of the many volunteers, and we're hoping there will be many fun messages, images, tributes, business cards and blessings to reflect the golden thread that weaves this community together.

To see the ad specifications and rates click the link below. Art submission deadline is Friday, October 4. Please direct questions about ads for the program to Jim Haber at or 415-828-2506.