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The Reclaiming Spiral Dance Cell Wants You!
(and here’s how it works…)

The Spiral Dance Cell (SDC) and the Ritual Planning Charrette (RPC) are collectively responsible for producing the yearly Spiral Dance public ritual at or near Samhain in late-October.

Over the years, the SDC/RPC has had issues with this and that, with the long-term effect of there being some confusion and a fall-off in people wanting to  co-create this great ritual, a ritual that is central to Reclaiming, and also to its fundraising.

With the upcoming 40th Spiral Dance (2019), members of the SDC and RPC came together for a community workshop to lay the foundation of collaborating on  this milestone event as well as laying the groundwork for the years to come. We want to be as transparent as possible to our community.

With that in mind here’s how these entities work together…

Spiral Dance Cell

The most significant change the 2019 Spiral Dance Cell has made is to divide into two sets of organizers, called Weavers and Spinners. These names may be familiar as they came from the Witchlets and Teen Earth Magic organizing structures. This eliminates a lot of confusion.

A note on meetings - we find that in-person meetings, though perhaps harder to schedule, are vastly superior to web meetings (Zoom, Skype, etc.). We get more done, consensus is reached more easily, the communication issues are minimized, and, most importantly, we have more connection with each other. All meetings take place in sacred space.


Weavers have roles that require year-long responsibility to the SDC. A Weaver role in the SDC lasts from 1-3 years at which time the person is requested to rotate out. A Weaver attends all or most of the meetings. Spinners are welcome at meetings, and in discussion, however only Weavers can block consensus - this is the big change here - it really keeps the process moving. Also, once consensus has been reached, it can’t be undone or changed by anyone who missed the meeting. SDC meetings start in earnest in January and meet monthly until August or so, when they start being twice a month. That adds up to about 15 meetings.


Spinners have roles that are more directly focussed on the workings of the Ritual; as such they aren’t required to be involved in the long-term business matters that the Weavers are responsible for. A Spinner’s role may or may not have year-long commitment; this is determined by the role and the effort it takes to effectively be in this position - these jobs are mostly coordinator roles. Spinners work with the Volunteer Coordinator (A Weaver) to help fill out their areas of responsibility. Ideally, Spinners move on to become Weavers, though that’s not required for either role.

2019 Weavers and Spinners


Project Manager

Stage Manager

Ritual Planning Liaison

Music Coordinator

Site Manager


Front of House Coordinator

Altar Coordinator (

Names of the Dead Coordinator

Tech Coordinator

Dragons Coordinator

Volunteer Coordinator

Graces Coordinator


Anchors Coordinator

Marketing Coordinators

Childcare Coordinator

Food Coordinator

Setup and Cleanup Coordinator

Ritual Planning Charrette

The SDC has a Charrette for the Ritual Planning. A “charrette” is a group of people who take on the task of creating or formulating a plan of action.

This is a great way to get involved in the Spiral Dance! It is open to the community, to whoever wants to help craft the Ritual. You’ll be involved from its initial visioning, to the crafting of its intention, all the way to the flow and crafting of the specific elements of the actual event. It’s also a great way to get a role in the Ritual (although not guaranteed) as well as meet other Reclaiming witches! This is the fun stuff.

The responsibilities for being on the Charette are varied based on the type of role and participation required. The RPC designs the details of the ritual and assigns ritual roles. People who join the RPC are requested to try to attend all the monthly meetings. RPC meetings will be held from after the visioning meeting until just before the Dance. The RPC is re-formed every year. Again, it’s a wonderful way to be involved. To join the RPC, email

How to Get Involved Without Meetings:

The next best way to get involved in the Spiral Dance is to volunteer. It’s a tremendous way to appreciate what goes in to the Ritual and have the fun of making it happen, with the least amount of responsibility and time commitment. There are lots of roles and functions that need support. Click here to volunteer

QUESTIONS? Here’s a link to the Spiral Dance website, where you can find a more in-depth Cell description or sign up to be a volunteer! And you can email us at